Regression therapy

Spiritual therapy (chakra meditation, regression therapy, work with parents and families) used in various diseases in karmic healing. Therapy covers the human spirit experiences in this and previous lives. Guilt that "trapped" in the consciousness of heart, in one of the stages of life or past lives do not allow us to live fully here and now. This feeling that we've only partially in the body can interfere with sleep, cause anxiety and depression states, cause pain, which is not subject to diagnosis and treatment. Make peace with his fate and the persons involved - this is the goal of spiritual therapy. Then we reach the state of peace and love.

Spiritual therapy and meditation techniques I have acquired in Ayurvedic Psychology - European Academy of Ayurveda in Germany and with different teachers (Ruth Huber, Ph.D., Vitor Rodrigues, Dr Bhushan Shrikrishna Tengshi).

Ayurvedic psyhologist
Ilze Selecka

First consultation 37 EUR
Spiritual theraphy 90 EUR (Pastāvīgiem klientiem 70 EUR) 

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